Our Support Staff

Our great support team and their roles…

Sally Corden – Receptionist & Admin Support

As the initial point of contact for most of our clients, Sally makes it her mission to help every person she speaks to. She keeps our office running smoothly, while assisting the Advisors and PA’s with admin, and creates the perfect first impression for anyone that comes into the office. 

When she’s not helping our clients get their financial matters in order, she is passionate about music, travel, animals, creative hobbies and her family.

Lauren Ford – Personal Assistant

Lauren is the Personal Assistant to Drew Brimblecombe, supporting him with the back office work that ensures all Drew’s clients needs and objectives are completely met, all of the time.

She loves seeing through a process from start to finish, ensuring the best outcome possible and gets a real buzz from receiving Client referrals because she knows that only comes from a great service being delivered.

Lauren is a loving Mum to her daughter and enjoys socialising with her friends and family.

PA to Drew Brimblecombe

Maggie Ogden – Personal Assistant

Maggie is the Personal Assistant to Andrew Stevenson, and as such deals with queries and questions from clients on a daily basis. She will often liaise with a client throughout the entire process, and takes a great deal of pride in delivering our services. 

A keen traveller, Maggie loves nothing more than spending time with her friends and family. People are at the centre of her life, both at work and at home.

PA to Andrew Stevenson

Denise Broughton – Personal Assistant

Meet Denise – Personal Assistant to Andrew Morrison and one of our Main Switchboard operators. Her voice will often be the first one that you hear when you speak to Crystal Wealth, and she takes a huge amount of pleasure in helping our clients.

Away from work, she is a keen reader, loves making delicious cakes and enjoys spending time with her granddaughter.

PA to Andrew Morrison

Dawn Smyth – Personal Assistant

As Personal Assistant to Christopher Hughes, Dawn has the responsibility of liaising with Chris’ clients and take care of the admin for all his clients to ensure all of the investments run smoothly. She gets a real buzz from seeing these plans grow for our clients. 

She is as busy at home as she is at work – with three children taking up most of her time, she is also a keen tennis player and loves to travel

PA to Christopher Hughes

Karen McGee – Personal Assistant

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PA to Darren McGee

Mike Darby

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David Morrison – Business Development Manager

David is following in the footsteps of his father, John and brother Andrew, currently supporting the business as the Business Development manager, whilst also supporting Andrew throughout the advice process.

He also helps with the ongoing office support and enjoys helping clients with all facets of financial planning, with a view to final becoming an advisor, which he hopes to achieve in the near future.

Out of the office, David is a keen sportsman, primarily active in playing golf and basketball. He coaches a local basketball team, the Totterdown Tigers in Bristol.

He also enjoys cooking, music and spending time with his family, wife, Clare, daughter Millie and son, Rory.

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